Measuring what matters for sustainable growth and improved wellbeing of communities A Research Presentation at the University of Calgary, on June 2nd, 2016

Vaughan, ON.  May 11, 2016: Human Endeavour, Vaughan Community Health Centre (VCHC), Association of Ontario Health Centre and Vaughan Community Wellbeing Coalition (VCWC) are pleased to announce that a research paper on “Vaughan Wellbeing Report – Measuring What Matters” has been accepted by Association of Non-profits and Social Economy Research as part of “Congress 2016” taking place in Calgary, AB.

Research paper authors are Noor Din, CEO of Human Endeavour, Isabel Araya, ED, VCHC and Gary Machan, CIW Implementation Specialist, AOHC. Noor Din will present the paper titled:  Measuring what matters for sustainable growth and improved wellbeing of communities.

This paper argues that identifying and measuring social, health, economic and environmental perspectives of fast growing communities are crucial for responsible, equitable and sustainable growth and overall community wellbeing. The paper also shares a broad vision of collaboration of key stakeholders that especially includes local governments, because their presence throughout the process is strategic to the prioritization and acceptance of measurements and policy recommendations. The paper presents the work of a collaborative that used Canadian Index of Wellbeing for Vaughan/York Region – one of the fastest growing City and Region in Canada. One year long research & measurements study was carried out and successfully advocated for multiple policy recommendations.

“Well-being is best measured at the local level, where the impact of initiatives to increase it are readily observable to everyone. Knowing that national GDP is up 3% is fine, but local residents organizing and promoting programs that engage otherwise isolated seniors in regular physical activity is tangible evidence of increased well-being that benefits the entire community in a variety of ways.” said Tony Carella, Chair VCWC, Councillor - City of Vaughan.

“Vaughan is among the first municipalities in Canada to create a baseline measure of the health and wellbeing of its residents using the CIW’s eight quality of life domains. The coalition’s work and recommendations in the report focus on some areas of concern for the growing city to ensure improved social determinants of health for Vaughan residents.” said Isabel Araya, ED, VCHC

About CONGRESS 2016/ANSER: Unrivaled in scope and impact, the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is the convergence of approximately 70 scholarly associations, each holding their annual conference under one umbrella. Now in its 85th year, this flagship event is much more than Canada’s largest gathering of scholars. Congress brings together academics, researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners to share findings, refine ideas, and build partnerships that will help shape the Canada of tomorrow. ANSER/ARES is a dynamic growing association that is organizing its 9th annual conference as part of the Congress 2016. ANSER focuses on current and emergent issues, debates and challenges in the fields of civil society, social economy, and non-profit research and practice.

About Vaughan Community Wellbeing Coalition:
Working in partnership with local residents, organizations, businesses, educational institutions and municipal council, the VCWC will serve as a catalyst to promote higher levels of individual and community health and foster a culture of wellbeing unique to Vaughan Members: City of Vaughan, United Way Toronto & York Region, York University, York Region District School Board, Catholic Community Services of York Region, Social Planning Council of York Region, Vaughan Public Libraries, Human Endeavour and Vaughan Community Health Centre.
Complete report is available at:

Contact: Noor Din, CEO, Human Endeavour (416) 726-3252, ,   , 439 Glenkindie Ave. Vaughan, ON, L6A 2A2



" I was extremely impressed with Human Endeavour's project to improve the health of seniors. Their innovation and holistic approach clearly promotes wellness in the community."

Deb Mathews - the Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care


" HOPE’s innovation and strength, like so many of Human Endeavour's programs, is its utter simplicity - immersed in the social and cultural fabric of a community, delivered in places and spaces where people are and naturally congregate, presented in languages that people understand, grounded in evidence and research.  This is why United Way of York Region remains honoured to fund this community-based program."

Daniele Zanotti - CEO, United Way York Region

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