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Health is not valued until sickness comes.

Thomas Fuller .


Human Endeavour offes an efficient and effective combination of health and wellness products and services.





EPIC Health has revolutionized the way non-profits work in the domain of Helath & Wellness. EPIC Health has introduced its own wellness products that have gained good grounds even before the comprehensive launch. These products include:       



Human Endeavour offers several health and wellness programs for different age groups and cultural settings in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner.

Human Endeavour's innovative initiative HOPE was declared a winner for Innovation Award 2010 by the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care at Innovation Expo held on 10 Nov 2010.

Below are some of the health programs being executed by Human Endeavour.




Creating 'Health, Hope & Happiness' for seniors as essence of active and graceful aging at home has been Human Endeavour's mission since the start of ICWP project in 2005, which over the years showcased innovative approaches in community participations, creative programming, optimal use of scarce resources, grassroots-mainstream partnerships and collaboration, and maximizing the use of existing services. 

HOPE (Healthy Outcomes of Preventive Engagements) presented research evidence demonstrating regular preventive engagements with seniors carried out and sustained by Human Endeavour with 600 diverse and mixed seniors in the York Region since 2005 yielded a range of healthy outcomes in the form of seniors' improved (physical, mental & emotional) health, and reduced weaknesses & vulnerability. read more...



PACE (People Assisted Community Express) is community-based innovative transportation model improvised by Human Endeavour. Addressing mobility as key determinant of health, it affords social integration of seniors by providing free rides and enables healthy and graceful aging, sometimes most seniors would not have imagined due to frailty, dependency and other barriers.

The expanding demand and feedback from seniors and caregivers affirm efficiency, quality, cultural compatibility, and contribution of the model in improving seniors' mobility and consequent quality of life and well-being. read more...


HOPE Quality Validation Through SIX SIGMA

HOPE - Healthy Outcomes of Preventive Engagements is a research initiative that measures the quantitative & qualitative healthy outcomes in physical and mental health as a result of innovative preventive engagements that have been implemented for 603+ South Asian seniors in Central LHIN (York Region) at 5 location over the last 6 years.

Prevention strategies have demonstrated a direct relationship in specific health improvements, reducing emergency department visits, hospitalization & readmissions. HOPE conducted surveys, one-on-one interviews and the results demonstrate the success of participation in healthy activities, especially in group settings.

After winning the Innovation Award in Evidence Based Practices category, the next step was to ensure quality validations of 2010 quantitative results by using Six Sigma techniques or other statistical & scientific methods. A total of 143 random surveys were conducted to learn about seniors' physical health and improvements

 93% seniors became more aware about their health
 83% seniors' health improved due to these engagements



HOPE ADP (Adult Day Program)

HOPE Adult Day Program (HOPE-ADP) is a community-based program provided by Human Endeavour in partnership with Mackenzie Health and Vaughan Community Health Centre.

The program provides structured and supervised activities in a group setting for eligible ethno-cultural and South Asian frail seniors with cognitive, physical and communicative impairments. The activities are planned to provide mental, physical and social stimulation.

The HOPE-ADP strives to promote maximum independence and maintain quality of life for clients and caregivers.



Make a Referral / Become part of our Health & Wellness Programs

If you are willing to make a referral or join one of our health and wellness programs, contact us at or give us a shout at: 905-553-9291.


" I was extremely impressed with Human Endeavour's project to improve the health of seniors. Their innovation and holistic approach clearly promotes wellness in the community."

Deb Mathews - the Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care


" HOPE’s innovation and strength, like so many of Human Endeavour's programs, is its utter simplicity - immersed in the social and cultural fabric of a community, delivered in places and spaces where people are and naturally congregate, presented in languages that people understand, grounded in evidence and research.  This is why United Way of York Region remains honoured to fund this community-based program."

Daniele Zanotti - CEO, United Way York Region

Health & Wellness Key features

*Innovative Approach
*Lingusitically and Culturally Appropriate Setting
*Mobility Support
*Professional Training and Tips
*Programs designed Based on Extensive Research
*Six Sigma Validation for Program Results



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Health & Wellness

HOPE & HOPE Adult Day Program provide scientifically proven fitness programs for seniors and other community members through specialists.

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Economic Development

Explore the innovative method of improving community's economic conditions through landmark EPIC social enterprising model.

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Environment & Green Energy

The pioneer project of Solar Panel Installation in York Region by a non-profit organization. Also, take a tour of our Community Gardens.

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Community Development

Tons of community development and support activities including Moms & Tots training sessions, festivals and more.

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Training & Workshops

Find out the right training for your career, from a range of simple MS Office to High Tech Solar Panel Installation Training.

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Knowledge Exchange

A valuable resource of extensive research conducted by Human Endeavour about community related issues at root level.