Economic Development

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We have a responsibility as a state to protect our most vulnerable citizens: our children, seniors, people with disabilities. That is our moral obligation. But there is an economic justification too - we all pay when the basic needs of our citizens are unmet.

John Lynch.




Human Endeavour addresses the fundamental issue of the people, i.e. economic stability by providing them with a social enterprising framework of EPIC.

Enterprise Promotion and Innovation Centre (EPIC), a project of Human Endeavour, is working mainly to support marginalized community members willing to become entrepreneurs, enter the work force, become an active part of society and participate in economic activities. EPIC also supports a number of independent community owned and operated enterprises as well.


EPIC Entrepreneurship

EPIC provides employment and self employment opportunities for skilled individuals by providing them with the resources such as technology, promotions, marketing support, and networking.

EPIC Training and Placement

EPIC Training and Placement program helps community members acquire trainings in their fields of interest and eventually join the mainstream workforce. Our placement program equips them with the necessary skills for job search such as resume writing, interview preparations and helps them identify the channels for job search.


If you wish to become an Entrepreneur or work under one of the EPIC's social enterprises, want to learn or refine some of your artistic or technical skills, and take part in economic growth by joining hands with other community members, contact us at or give us a shout at: 905-553-9291.

Below are some enterprises set up by EPIC, generating employment & self employment oportunities.      

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"We have a long and strong tradition in our country of social innovation and I would like to congratulate Human Endeavour on the launch of EPIC Social Enterprise Online Mall. The City of Vaughan takes pride in being a community that encourages innovation and opportunity. We have a wealth of diversity and the entrepreneurial spirit is very strong here."

Maurizio Bevilacqua - Mayor of Vaughan

EPIC's Key features

*Social Enterprise Incubator
*Support for Marginalized Communities
*Market Identification
*Professional Training, Space
*Products Development
*Sales & Marketing Support
*Online Product Promotion and Sales
*Self / Employment Opportunities

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Health & Wellness

HOPE & HOPE Adult Day Program provide scientifically proven fitness programs for seniors and other community members through specialists.

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Economic Development

Explore the innovative method of improving community's economic conditions through landmark EPIC social enterprising model.

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Environment & Green Energy

The pioneer project of Solar Panel Installation in York Region by a non-profit organization. Also, take a tour of our Community Gardens.

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Community Development

Tons of community development and support activities including Moms & Tots training sessions, festivals and more.

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Training & Workshops

Find out the right training for your career, from a range of simple MS Office to High Tech Solar Panel Installation Training.

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Knowledge Exchange

A valuable resource of extensive research conducted by Human Endeavour about community related issues at root level.