Community Gardens

Community Gardens is yet another initiative to save the environment and involving community members in healthy activities. Community members specially seniors have shown great interest in these gardens. They have been allocated plots in the garden to grow and nourish their own plants and crops.

In Summer 2012, first crop was cut and the community celebrated the occassion with a sizzling BBQ at the community gardens.


Want to Join Community Gardens?

If you are willing to join Community Gardens, please contact us at info@humanendeavour.org or give us a shout at: 905-553-9291.



As the 2013 harvest is ready in the hope community gardens, let's celebrate it with the community with a sizzling BBQ on Sep. 12, 2013 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm at HOPE Community Gardens located at 439 Glenkindie Avenue, Vaughan ON. L6A 2A2.

For details please contact Human Endeavour at 905.553.9291 or email info@humanendeavour.org

Don't miss this opportunity and join your community friends for a great cause! Please come hungry.


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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. 

Native American Proverb.

Solar Energy Technical Installer Training

Human Endeavour is the pioneer among the non-profit organizations in Vaughan to initiate a much needed Solar Energy Training. The immense shortage of skilled workforce in the market for Solar Energy technical installers provide a huge job market for new immigrants and other community members.

The first batch of the technical training was started in June 2012 with clients from Ontario Works.

If you wish to join the training please take a look at the Green Energy Training Flyer and contact us at 905-553-9291


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EPIC Green

EPIC Green is a social enterprise formed by the first batch of Solar Energy Training students. EPIC Green offers following services:

Site Analysis and Design
Commercial and Residential Solar PV Installation
Thermal Energy
Solar Path Finder Analysis for Maximum Sunlight
Routine Maintenance
System Performance Analysis
Quarterly and Daily Panel Adjustment for Maximum Usage
Daily Monitoring of Metering and Router Connection for Satellite Signal

Want your Solar Energy Analysis done? Contact EPIC Green at epic.green@humanendeavour.org or call: 905.553.9291




" I was extremely impressed with Human Endeavour's project to improve the health of seniors. Their innovation and holistic approach clearly promotes wellness in the community."

Deb Mathews - the Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care


" HOPE’s innovation and strength, like so many of Human Endeavour's programs, is its utter simplicity - immersed in the social and cultural fabric of a community, delivered in places and spaces where people are and naturally congregate, presented in languages that people understand, grounded in evidence and research.  This is why United Way of York Region remains honoured to fund this community-based program."

Daniele Zanotti - CEO, United Way York Region

Environment & Green Energy Key Features

*Pioneer Solar Training Project
*Preferred selection of Ontario Works clients for training
*Potential opportunity to work under EPIC Green Social Enterprise
*Solar PV Installation services offered by EPIC Green to Residential and Commercial Clients
*Gardening Space for Community Members
*Green House for Winter Gardening

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Health & Wellness

HOPE & HOPE Adult Day Program provide scientifically proven fitness programs for seniors and other community members through specialists.

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Economic Development

Explore the innovative method of improving community's economic conditions through landmark EPIC social enterprising model.

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Environment & Green Energy

The pioneer project of Solar Panel Installation in York Region by a non-profit organization. Also, take a tour of our Community Gardens.

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Community Development

Tons of community development and support activities including Moms & Tots training sessions, festivals and more.

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Training & Workshops

Find out the right training for your career, from a range of simple MS Office to High Tech Solar Panel Installation Training.

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Knowledge Exchange

A valuable resource of extensive research conducted by Human Endeavour about community related issues at root level.