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Health & Wellness

HOPE & HOPE Adult Day Program provide scientifically proven fitness programs for seniors and other community members through specialists.

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Economic Development

Explore the innovative method of improving community's economic conditions through landmark EPIC social enterprising model.

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Environment & Green Energy

The pioneer project of Solar Panel Installation in York Region by a non-profit organization. Also, take a tour of our Community Gardens.

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Community Development

Tons of community development and support activities including Moms & Tots training sessions, festivals and more.

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Training & Workshops

Find out the right training for your career, from a range of simple MS Office to High Tech Solar Panel Installation Training.

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Knowledge Exchange

A valuable resource of extensive research conducted by Human Endeavour about community related issues at root level.

Latest News

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EPIC Mart. The first ever Social Economy Mall in York Region by Human Endeavour offers amazing hand made products for gift ideas, home decor and more...

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Enterprise Promotion & Innovation Centre


The first social enterprising project in Southern Ontario being replicated to other parts of the province also.

Enterprise Promotion and Innovation Centre (EPIC), a project of Human Endeavour, supports marginalized community members willing to become entrepreneurs, enter the work force, become an active part of society and participate in economic activities. Check out some of the social enterprises set up by EPIC, generating employment & self employment opportunities. EPIC also supports a number of independent community owned and operated enterprises.


Human Endeavour won Innovation Award by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in 2010.


Virtual Tour - Human Endeavour Programs

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EPIC Green - Solar Panel Installation

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A non-traditional and innovative approach by any non-profit organization.

EPIC Green is a social enterprise offering a range of services for your solar energy needs including: Designing, Commercial and Residential Solar PV Installation, Thermal Energy, Solar Path Finder Analysis for Maximum Sunlight, Routine Maintenance, System Performance Analysis, Quarterly and Daily Panel Adjustment for Maximum Usage, Daily Monitoring of Metering and Router Connection for Satellite Signal. Want your Solar Energy Analysis done? Contact EPIC Green at


News & Events

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EPIC on the Move to Change Economic Horizons.

All Aboard Please!

EPIC Social Innovation Journey rocked Ottawa on 12-12-12 (December 12, 2012). EPIC Social Innovation Model was presented in the Canadian Parliament.